We meet many people in our life.Some are like short stories while some are like novels.Some just force themselves into our life, whilesome just leave after getting a glimpse in our life. We meet people by destiny, by fate but whether they are going to be mere a chapter in our life or part of … Continue reading Leaving…

Stories – Let’s Talk

"STORIES" Have you ever noticed we are surrounded by so many stories? Everyone has a story to tell. A story to share. Some have a story to tell and some have stories to tell. Some have happy stories to discuss while some have sad, tragic, horrible stories which they like to keep in dark only … Continue reading Stories – Let’s Talk

They both loves…….

  They both love to spend their time on the terrace. She loves to see the sunset, and he loves the sight of her in the sunset.   They both love to go on trips. He loves to see the different places, and she loves to see the different sides of him while enjoying in … Continue reading They both loves…….


  Waking up from your deep slumber, Opening those curtains to remove the darkness of those past memories, darkness of those self doubts, darkness of those failures, darkness of those breakdowns, And allowing that sunshine to enter, your soul to make you feel alive once again, to make you to stop pitying yourself, to make … Continue reading SUNSHINE

PAUSE – A Tiny Tale

And here I’m again sitting on this old bench of this beautiful park. Waiting for him… Just doing nothing but sitting and observing the kids playing and fighting because other one has snatched his candy from him. This little scene always reminds me of my childhood memories. We were used to be lost in our … Continue reading PAUSE – A Tiny Tale

Art Of Pretending…..

Pretending to be happy, when you are sad..... Pretending that you are not hurt, when your heart was actually shattered in million pieces... Pretending that you are not affected, when every single thing had affected you to the core..... Pretending that you had not noticed, when you had noticed every single damn thing.... Pretending that … Continue reading Art Of Pretending…..

Confused – A Short Story

Lost in my thoughts, I was sitting on my bed, listening to my favourite songs and looking out of the window towards the sky, observing the nature, seeing group of birds going back to their homes, sun ready to set to rise again for the next day. It’s strange how sometimes we can find peace … Continue reading Confused – A Short Story