Confused – A Short Story

Lost in my thoughts, I was sitting on my bed, listening to my favourite songs and looking out of the window towards the sky, observing the nature, seeing group of birds going back to their homes, sun ready to set to rise again for the next day.

It’s strange how sometimes we can find peace in every simple thing, I just wanted to get lost in that peace forever and not to go back to reality ever. But we can’t do that, we have to face the reality. We can only gather the energy from this peace to face the reality again.

“Surbhi, what are you doing here sitting alone? I was calling you for sometime now” my mom’s voice brought me back to the reality.

“Oh. I’m sorry mom. I didn’t heard your voice, I was listening to the music with my headphones on” I replied to her while turning the music off and getting up from my bed.

“You and your headphones, I sometimes feel like you only use your headphones to ignore my talks” well, I can’t deny that. Sometimes I do use the headphones just to ignore my mom senseless talks.

What!! everyone do that, you can’t blame me!!! You guys must have known how irritating mom can be sometimes.

“Why you were calling me mom, do you need any help!?” I changed the topic, I was not in the mood of getting into an argument with my mom which can bring my all past mistakes once again in present.

You must have got it what I’m talking about, right!!!

“Yes. I need you to go the market and bring your father’s medicines. He again forgets to purchase his medicines on time” That’s the one of the reason that I’m so lost and confused these days.

Actually I received an appointment letter for the job that I applied for. But now I’m confused whether to go or not. I’m the only child of my parents, and as they are getting old they are becoming more and more dependent on me, I don’t want to leave them alone here on their own. But I also want to accept the job and experience the independent life.

I’m so confused that I don’t even know what to do or what not to do.

I got out of the home, purchased the medicine and returned back to the home.

“Here is the medicine mom. Where is dad? Let me give these medicines to him or he will again forget to take them.” I asked mom as I entered the kitchen where she was busy in preparing the dinner.

“He is at terrace, he said he wanted some fresh air” mom replied.

I made my way towards the terrace. Dad was sitting there on one of the chair and seemed like he was thinking about something very deeply. I walked towards him, placed the medicines pouch on his lap and sat beside him on the other chair.

“What were you thinking dad? you seem so lost”

“Nothing Sweetie, I was just thinking how fast time passes.” I was amused by his reply. Why he is thinking about this suddenly.

“Yes, that’s right dad. But why are you thinking about this.” I asked with a curiosity in my voice.

“Why didn’t you told us that you were selected for the job Surbhi?” I looked at him with shock all over my face.

“Dad, how do you……”

“I saw the appointment letter last night when I came into your room to talk about something but you were already asleep.” Oh. I forgot to place that letter in the drawer last night.

“I’m confused dad; I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to leave you and mom alone here”

“We’ll be okay sweetie; you don’t need to think so much about us. I’m not sure about your mom but I’m still fit and fine as before.” I started laughing after hearing this. No matter what, he always knows how to bring the smile on my face.

“But dad….”

“No buts sweetie, just go and enjoy your life a bit. See new places, meet new people, make new friends, experience all these little things. This time is not gonna come once again.” Yes, I do want to do that but a part of me is still confused.

“You are still confused, right!!” he asked observing me.

I just nodded in return.

“Ok, then tell me sweetie. What was the first thing that came into your mind after knowing that you were selected?”

“I was more than happy, I thought that now I can finally live the life the way I always wanted to live once.”

“See, if this is the first thing that came into your mind then, don’t you think it is the thing that you wanted to do!! Other things are only constraints darling. Just go, enjoy your life a little and you can just come back after a while.”

I smiled at him. A smile that reach my eyes. A genuine smile.

“By the way dad, you were saying that mom is not fit and fine as before.” I showed him my most evil smile.

“Oh no. you are not going to do that” his face was full of fear.

“Oh yes dad. I’m going to tell mom that you called her old.” I said to him while getting up from the chair.

“No Surbhi, you know she is going to eat me alive if you did that”

I just laughed and shrugged, and started walking downstairs with my dad warnings behind me.

Sometimes a proper conversation can solve the biggest confusions.

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