PAUSE – A Tiny Tale

And here I’m again sitting on this old bench of this beautiful park. Waiting for him…

Just doing nothing but sitting and observing the kids playing and fighting because other one has snatched his candy from him. This little scene always reminds me of my childhood memories. We were used to be lost in our own world without caring what other people are thinking about us, isn’t it?!

Now we don’t want to get lost, but all we want is to be found.

But still, here I’m, lost in admiring the nature, lost in the peace of noise of kid’s playing, giggling, laughing, lost in the peace of the chirping of birds, lost in reminiscing the moments I spent here. Lost but somehow found.

“You are again sitting here alone.” I was so lost that I didn’t even realize that he wa already sitting beside me with my favourite chocolate ice cream in his hand.

“And you are here again to give me company with my favourite ice cream.” And to this, he didn’t say anything but gave me his one of the best warm smile. The smile which feels like home.

After this small conversation, we both sat in silence, not an awkward silence but a comfortable silence.

Sometimes silence speaks more than words.

“It’s been years since you come here daily, not a day goes by when you won’t come here. I never asked but today I want to know, do you like this place this much or there is any other reason!?” I know he knows the answer; he just wants to listen to it from me.

“Or maybe more than this place, I love the time we spend here without doing anything, just enjoying each other company, away from our problems, our busy schedules, our online life, just you and me and of course my favourite ice cream.” I said while turning towards him, only to find him already looking at me.

“And I know you also love to take this pause from your busy schedule too.”

“Or maybe more than this I love to see someone eating her ice cream like a kid with chocolate all over her face.” After hearing that I burst into laughter and not long after he also joined me while everyone around us is looking at us like we are some crazy people who ran away from a mental hospital.

Well, it’s good to be crazy sometimes, Right!!

A pause doesn’t mean a stop.

Stop rushing too much, an hour for yourself will not cost you anything.

For me, “NOT A DAY GOES BY” without taking this PAUSE.

2 thoughts on “PAUSE – A Tiny Tale

  1. Yes we all need to pause. I have set aside a day of the week for a little “Me time”. Now I”m thinking “Me time” should be applied every day of the week. Even if it is just to sit on a park bench and reminisce.

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