And the girl who smiles all day

is the same girl who was once broken

like a porcelain doll which might be fixed if we try

but some parts will always remain broken.


If you are someone who is struggling with your own pasts, breakdowns, memories. Then, I just want to say just hang on for a little bit more guys. It’s gonna be okay.

“Ya, it will still hurt when you will look back but I just want you to remember you have come so far, be proud of yourself that you make it so far.”

Sometimes to meet the new you, you have to lose the past you for the better.

Or maybe sometimes you just need to lose your hold on that past which is shattering you day by day.

“Be a warrior. Stop pitying yourself.”

Ya, I know it is easier to said than done. But it’s only you who can heal you, nobody else.

“Heal Yourself. Keep trying. Keep smiling. Keep shining.”


– Random_hearttalks ✍

just the another random heart talk.


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