Stories – Let’s Talk


Have you ever noticed we are surrounded by so many stories?

Everyone has a story to tell. A story to share. Some have a story to tell and some have stories to tell. Some have happy stories to discuss while some have sad, tragic, horrible stories which they like to keep in dark only yet they are also waiting for someone to genuinely ask “What’s your story?”

You know it’s never easy to share your story with others, I believe it takes a lot of courage to share your story with them even if what you are sharing is just a chapter of your story, your life story. There will be always a little fear in our heart that,

“What if they are going to judge me after listening to my story?”

“What if they are going to make fun of me?”

and many more questions like these don’t allow us to tell our story to others but sometimes it feels actually nice after letting it all out from our heart, it feels light afterwards. Isn’t it!?

Have you ever sat with someone and listened to their stories?

Listened to listen, not listen to judge, not to reply, not to give your opinion, just listen to listen.

Have you ever asked or said these to someone!?

“What’s your story!?”

“Do you want to share a part of you with me!?”

“If you want to share, I’m here to listen.”

Try and listen to them. Each and every story can inspire you in the way you never know. All you have to do is ask them, “What’s your story!?”

Do you have any story or a chapter of your story that you want to share?

Do tell in the comments what you think about “STORIES.”


– Random hearttalks (Surbhi) ✍

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