About me

Hey guys! First of all Welcome to my blog.

And if you have already read some of my blog posts then, thank you so much for giving them a read, it means a lot.

My name is Surbhi Agarwal. I’m from India. Just a simple girl with lots of dreams.

An Introvert for many, an Ambivert for some and an Extrovert for few.

Just a simple girl who is expressing herself by writing, a girl who loves the beauty of simplicity and loves the perfectness of being imperfect.

I believe writing is the best way to express yourself. When there is no one with whom you can talk and share your feelings, just take a blank paper and start writing your heart out.

So, in this blog I write poems, quotes, thoughts, short stories and yes some talks, heart talks.Β 

Hope You will like my blog posts and if you do then please drop a like and comment. I would love to read your heart talks too.

Keep smiling. Keep writing and Keep shining.Β 



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